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      About Us

      ● Chinese ceramic roller was born in Foshan Ceramics Research institute in 1984.

      ● Awarded  “Hi-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province” in 1991.

      ● Authorized the national invented patent “An Isostatic Pressing technique of Ceramic Roller”  in 1994.

      ● Key technology development in Nation Torch Project in 1996.

      ● “Cool isostatic Pressing Advanced Ceramic Roller”  was awarded for National New and Key product in 1997.

      ● Awarded  “ Excellent Enterprise for Torch project in Guangdong Province”  in 1999.

      ● Shoulder the research part in National "863" project in 2001.

      ● Listed the  “ The Excellent Hi-tech Enterprise and Research Achievement ”  in 2001.

      ● Granted the “National Stable and Qualified Product” in 2002.

      ● Passed the IS09001 Quality Verification in 2002.

      ● Gain the “Famous Brand Products in China Ceramic industry” in 2005.

      ● Gain the lab certificate from China National Accreditation Services (CNAS) in 2005.

      ● “Anti-Creep & Corrosion Ceramic Rollers” are honored as the national most important innovation products in 2007.

      ● Pass the National “Hi-tech Enterprise” qualification in 2008.

      ● In 2008, won the “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Guangdong of building materials industry in 30 years’ reformation and opening policy”.

      ● Achieve a great deal of invention and utility model Patents by the end of 2008.

      ● Authorized with ISO14001 of Environmental Management System in 2008.

      ● Achieve a great deal of invention and utility model Patents in 2010.

      ● Shoulder the research part in National "863" project in 2013.

      ● "jin Gang" brand was recognized as "Famous Trademark in Guangdong" in 2014.

      ● FCRI Ceramics Testing & Technology Service Co., Ltd. Gained CMA certificate approved in 2016.

      ●“The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” Technology Innovation Advanced Group of China Ceramics Industry in 2016.

      Address: No.18, Liu Yuan Road, Foshan, Guangdong, China
      Phone: 86-757-82271190
      Fax: 86-757-82275583

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